Terberg Benschop - Tractors and Trucks

The specialist for Terminal, Yard and RoRo tractors, Rail road vehicles, Swap body carriers and Shunters

Terberg Benschop B.V. has originated from a village forge in 1869.
The great-grandfather of the current Executive Board started then in Benschop a forge and meanwhile we are developed into a manufacturer of special vehicles.
We build Terminal tractors and RoRo tractors tailored for the transport of trailers in ports, industry, logistics and distribution centres and tipper trucks tailored for the ground and construction transport.
The Terberg vehicles are operative in more than 80 countries in Europe, Africa, the middle east, South East Asia, China and Australia. Within the niche-markets in which we are active, we provide a very broad range of vehicles of a high quality level.


Terberg FM2000 8x8 for Botaş

2011 Terberg Botas (GB) def

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Terbergs for Schlumberger in Russia

Improved oil extraction with revolutionary Terberg technology

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